Kirkland Nourishing Network School Break Food Boxes

This school year, Kirkland Nourishing Network continued distributing grocery cards to food insecure students and their families instead of collecting and distributing boxes of food. Our goal was to raise $160,000 over the course of the school year so we could provide $50 gift cards to around 800 families for each of the Thanksgiving, Winter, Mid-Winter, and Spring school breaks. This supplemental food is designed to help during breaks in the school year while kids are missing their breakfast and lunch at school. Thanks to your generosity, we reached our goal for Thanksgiving, Winter, Mid-Winter, and Spring breaks. Every dollar raised went back out to food insecure kids and families, thanks to volume discounts from grocers that cover the processing charges for donations.

Because of your generosity, we ended the year with funds left over that we planned to use as seed money for next year. Soon after determining that, though, we came across an effort to provide assistance to “our kids and their families” before they left for Summer Break. The money was insufficient to completely meet the need, but our expectation was you would want your help to be put to use as the need was identified. So, we spent your money and helped Kirkland school children a bit during the Summer Break.

There are some other efforts that have provided assistance over the Summer Break for the past few years, and we hope those projects continue. We don’t have the wherewithal to cover the summer, but we will continue to provide as much assistance as possible next year during the breaks in the school year at Kirkland schools.

If you or someone you know wants to be added to our list of supporters and receive notifications about our efforts, you may send an email to You will receive an acknowledgement when the email you provide is added.

Blessings to you and yours.

With deep gratitude, we acknowledge Kirkland Kiwanis, Rotary Club of KirklandWilliam E. Wockner Foundation, Lake Washington Schools Foundation and QFC (The Kroger Company) for their extraordinary grants of support. We are so grateful to live in a city whose people regularly, and significantly, go out of their way to help others in need.

KNN is a network of individuals and volunteers and not a registered charity, and under normal circumstances does not handle monetary donations. We are grateful that Nourishing Networks Central is partnering with us to accept donations to purchase grocery gift cards for distribution to food insecure families. Since NNC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations made through NNC are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, and eligible for most corporate matching gift programs.

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Thank you for helping some of our Kirkland school children and their families during this challenging time! We work with school counselors to identify the most food-insecure students and families. Simply put, Kirkland Nourishing Network is trying to fill some gaps in food security in our town… while we also seek more sustainable solutions for these kids and their families.

Kirkland Nourishing Network is YOU and your neighbors pitching in. Together we can make this a success well beyond what any one of us could do alone. So, PLEASE tell your friends about this project. We are striving to help families in EVERY KIRKLAND SCHOOL THAT HAS A NEED: all elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

We believe in you. We believe in the hundreds of people who will step up and say, “I’ll help.”

Please click the Donate Now button to help!

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In normal circumstances, we would collect hundreds of food boxes and distribute them to food insecure families a couple of days before each long school break starts. That’s not practical during this COVID-19 pandemic, but we still want to help those families during the school breaks. So instead of collecting and distributing food boxes, we are collecting monetary donations, buying grocery gift cards, and distributing them to the same families who would have normally received food boxes.

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